Integrate everything

Standardized connectors enable you to quickly connect to any backend system and various data sources.


Create UI with ease

Create and design the user interface of your applications with UI Designer, easily, quickly and intuitively. Use the pre-designed elements and create a uniform look and feel for an improved user experience. And the best: Build your app once and use it on every device and operating system.


Visual Application Logic

Configure your application logic and process using the Process Designer. Based on individual user stories, reusable logic is defined. Each user story can be stored individually, so that you can work with several people on different stories at the same time.


Build your apps together

Thanks to the unique collaboration mode you can work together with other developers on an application in realtime. No more merging, versioning or merge conflicts. Due to the autosave function, you can always undo or redo changes.


Testing is a superpower

On application deployment, the app generator provides a basic self-test for the business application. The automated tests are based on the OPA5 test framework and provide unit tests and more.

Become a Simplifier Ninja!

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