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    Hello guys

    I have a connector call in SQLite and I want to send the output of the connector call to be tested in the condition.

    This is the query

    select email from email2 where Email like :Email:

    and the output is any

    How the out put of the connector can be tested through a condition?

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    Hello Mahboobeh,

    I assume you want to use a condition in the process designer of your application that checks for a value contained in the output of your connector call. Is that correct? First off, when you want to map your output to any variable or possibly bind it to a widget property or widget aggregation, it is recommended to not use the type Any since you won’t be able to access the fields contained in your output without having to rely on scripting. In your case that would be the field email of course. Any is a good choice for the initial testing of a connector and then you have the option to autogenerate a datatype from the connector’s output. Alternatively, Any may be the option to choose whenever the connector’s output is ambigous, i.e. it can either return some fields or not so they might not exist in every time. This should be the exception of most cases however.


    So let’s assume you’ve set your output parameter to use a data type that contains the fields outputed from the connector (i.e. the data type is not Any anymore): Your connector will most likely return either an object containing the single field named “email” or it will give you an array that holds said object. To be able to check for the value of that field contained in the object, you need to map the output onto a variable first in the output mapping of your connector call within the process designer. That variable of course needs to be of the same type (i.e. struct) of your connector output. When you’re done with that, you may select the variable in your condition and choose the field (email) whose value you want to check and then compare it with either a string constant or also the operators “isSet” or “isNotSet” could be meaningful for your use case.


    I hope this helps! If not, please let us know about your use case in greater detail.




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